How to unblock an outside drain

Posted by in Acton Plumber, on July 9, 2016

If you find yourself having to work on the blocked outside drain Acton, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to take up such a task which may turn messy sometimes. You need to have the tools and the ability as well as the time to deal with the problem yourself rather than having to call for the expert.
When the problem is the blocked gully because of leaves that cover the gully grating, then you have to try to remove the blockage. You may even borrow the bob from the next door drain rods and to have a go at the blocked manhole. Most of the time, the blocked gully causes a slow draining toilet and this is a symptom of the main problem. There are many methods to use when it comes to clearing the blocked sewer, pipe or drain. The correct method will depend on the occasion. You also have to decide on the right tool to use depending on if you are working in the downstream or upstream position in relation to a blockage. You also have to consider whether you have direct access to the system and if you are working around or even through the trap.
The drain rods may work for a blocked outside drain Acton and they are no long the rigid cane rods found in the past since you are able to get multi-colored rods with an assortment of attachments, and these tools should be kept handy in the household. It is amazing how many times the drain rods, corkscrew and the plunger attachment can solve the problem of the blocked drain. When these tools prove to be ineffective, it is time to call in the professional plumber to use their experience and knowledge to solve the problem.

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