How to unblock a toilet Acton

Posted by in Acton Plumber, on March 18, 2016

Blocked toilet Acton Many plumbing problems come down to common stuff. The blocked toilet is probably the most common plumbing problem to be found in households. A blocked toilet Acton may not come as a surprise because many homes usually ignore the fact that pipes need to be inspected regularly and maintained. Popular myths that surround the problem can give you a hint on how common this condition is. But since we have our experts back our facts, here are some of the things you need to know about myths regarding a blocked toilet Acton.You can kill germs using soap Toilet bowls are the source of many germs. If you want to remove all the germs and keep a hygienic toilet, you should use a strong disinfectant whether it is naturally made or chemical products sold in supermarkets. The germs may cause infection, thus, it is necessary to clean the bowl using a powerful disinfectant. For the sink, the disinfectant also works like magic. As for your faucets and taps, you can use a solution like lemon and baking soda for a more environmentally friendly cleaning.The tight handle will prevent a leak When you tighten a faucet handle, it actually causes a shorter lifespan because it usually gets damaged. This misconception has long been known in every household. The likelihood of a leak comes from when you use your power to tighten it up and cause it to break.Disposable wipe is acceptable Wet wipes may not be a biodegradable material. If so, it will cause more blockages to your toilet. This is why you need to think about other ways you can handle the toilet blockage rather than throwing in a disposable wipe which could make the case worse. Many myths are very costly and you cant even handle it when you hear about it. Thus, make sure you know the truth.

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