How to unblock a manhole

Posted by in Acton Plumber, on June 30, 2016

Blocked manhole Acton is never a simple matter and if not addressed well in time, it can be disastrous to say the least. You need to be very careful regardless of what you do. Ensure that you handle every matter involving your drain in the fastest possible way. There are many rips that can really assist in clearing blockages and also avoiding blocking the manhole which can only be handled by a professional because of the risks that are involved.
When you have a blocked manhole, you need to know whether or not you share the drains with the neighbors. If so, you have shared responsibility to clear the blockage. If the manhole connects to a public sewer, the local water authority should be contacted so as to clear it and usually this is a service that is offered free.
How to handle manhole blockages
Sometimes you may discover that a blocked manhole Acton is something that you can handle yourself. If you have an issue with a gully that is overflowing, then it could mean that the blockage is a clogged grating that can be handled very easily with a screwdriver. Sometimes you might spend money on an expert only to take a few minutes to clear the problem.
If you are a DIY fanatic, you can try rodding through the manholes. You need to have some knowledge, the correct tools and a really strong stomach to be able to handle this. It is important that you first determine where the blockage is exactly. You can be able to do this by lifting the manhole covers one by one. When you find a full one, then it means that the problem is there. This is where you should rod. Always determine which pipe is the exit one. When full, it means that the manhole is receiving sewer but is unable to send it through. A rod comes in handy in such a case.
When you realize that you don’t have any kind of rods at hand, you need to go and get some first. Any of the blockages that occur around the home can be easily cleared with the use of rods.

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