How to unblock a shower

Posted by in Acton Plumber, on May 29, 2016

You have experienced nothing more frustrating than a blocked drain especially when you are looking forward to a hot bath or a shower after day long tiresome activities. Whether the shower or drain is completely blocked or it is draining water with the speed below normal you have to correct it immediately.
You are always available with some methods to combat with your nasty blocked shower. How to unblock a blocked shower Acton is not a technical job as you can easily perform it yourself avoiding a stunning invoice of plumber.
Immediate remedy:
If you find your shower drain blocked take the first step and pull up the chrome cover. You will witness there the root cause of blocking; it might be the soap scum or the build- up of hair. You can pick all the garbage with a suitable toll like an iron coat hanger, pliers or anything that could be helpful in this situation.
Using a plunger:
If the simple first aid therapy does not work you can try a plunger in the procedure of how to unblock a shower. Plunger is considered the next very obvious technique to clear the blocked drain. This is the most commonly used cup shaped plunger that is used regularly to unblock shower and bath drains as well as basins.
Before plunging the shower drain keep in mind that not any chemical has been poured into the drain. It could be very harmful for you as it can damage your clothes and more importantly your skin.
Now plunge the blocked drain while placing the cup of plunger exactly over the hole of drain. Plunge the drain as many times as you will gain the satisfactory level. How to unblock a shower has not been so easy before trying the plunging method. As a good tip never let the drain whole damaged or with poor working condition in order to avoid the unnecessary blockings.

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