Some of the spare parts needed for boiler repair

Posted by in Acton Plumber, on April 20, 2016

When you need boiler repairs Acton, you may need to know how much it will cost to buy the spare parts so that you may decide if it is good to get the repair or to replace the old boiler. A faulty or a broken boiler may be expensive to fix. It is not advised to try to do the repairs on your own since you are going to need a boiler engineer who has been accredited to do so. You should be aware of how much the repairs, the parts and the spares do cost in order to get an idea about how much you should expect to pay. You may be able to reduce the repairs when you make sure that you have a reliable boiler which is unlikely to let you down.

The most common parts that have to be replaced on the boiler include the zone valves or the diverter zone which directs the flow of the heated water from the boiler for hot or heating water. The printed circuit board is the brain of the boiler that makes things run in a smooth way. The pump moves water away from the boiler to either hot or heating water. The fan moves air into the boiler because of the combustion. The gas valve is used to regulate the gas flow towards the burner. The overheat thermostat can prevent the boiler against overheating. The automatic air vent is used to let the air out of the boiler. The pressure relief valve is used as a safety component and it ensures that it does not become too dangerous. The thermocouple is found on old boilers and it is used to prevent gas leaks. The ignition is used to ignite the main or pilot flame.

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